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Creating a Community

What Makes a Community?
"Home is where the heart is". A common mantra among homeowners throughout the country, and an apt description in its own right. People coming together and breaking bread, stor...

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Limited Time Inventory

Limited Inventory and How it Impacts the Real Estate Market
Market Mondays share one central theme: how to find value in a market that isn't immediately obvious. In any given market there is a subsection often obscured from view; I specialize ...

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Creative Homes

Creative Homes – What Makes Them Great
Creative Homes was born of a desire to bring the best possible customer experience to the homebuilding process. With their "Open, Honest, Transparent" approach to communication, they boast one of the hi...

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Twin Cities Suburbs and the Rings That Define Them

Suburbs of the Twin Cities
The Twin Cities suburbs are home to many thriving communities. The beauty of such a diversified landscape is the wildly different lifestyles you can find, sometimes just blocks apart. Where the Galleria of Edina cre...

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Real Estate Market Cycles – What Are They?

Real Estate Market Cycles -- What Are They?
I'm sure you've heard the phrases "Buyer's Market" and "Seller's Market" before. These titles suggest there is an advantage in negotiating power for one party based on the current real estate market ...

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Stonegate Builders

Stonegate Builders - What Makes Them Great

Most folks in the Twin Cities have heard of Gonyea, the long-running custom home builder whose inception dates back 35 years. Their reputation precedes them in every community they enter, promising ...

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Pocket Communities

What Are Pocket Communities?
Pocket communities go by a few definitions. Ross Chapin, an accomplished architect known for his work in creating community-centric spaces and home designs, states there must be a shared gathering space to come tog...

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Navigating a Shifting Market

The real estate market is fluid, constantly in motion, waves crashing upon the shore and gently receding back to the sea. It is self-sustaining, part of an economic system designed to keep society as we know it humming along. The problem is, wh...

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Creating a Curated Experience

You would think understanding our clients wants and needs would be the first action of every agent, but many waste their time and their client's time running around aimlessly with no idea who the best fit is for a property. Four bedrooms, three...

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The Principle of Sacrifice

We've all been there before -- we take on a listing with a glaring issue. We know from the outset overcoming this obstacle will be the key to selling the property. So, how do we get past a feature negatively impacting the property without tanki...

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