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Ah, Maple Grove — there is something intoxicatingly nostalgic, writing about your hometown. Biking to the community center on a hot summer afternoon, cooling off in the ice arena while families skate the perimeter, and strolling the landscaped paths around Arbor Lakes taking in the boutique storefronts. The town has grown immensely over the decades and is now positioned as a premier destination for shopping, sports & recreation, schools and nature trails.


Maple Grove is known throughout the state for its retail scene. Put on the map when The Shoppes at Arbor Lakes opened its doors in 2003, a quality experience is assured to all comers. Coupled with Main Street and further expansions, there is something for everyone here. Boutique clothing stores, local and chain restaurants, and health-minded groceries afford an experience of quality and comfort. On the other side of town, you can find The Grove! A newer addition anchored by the likes of Target to the north and Maple Grove Hospital to the west. Many professional service businesses operate here, along with local favorites Raising Cane’s, Daily Dose, and Rock Elm Tavern.

Sports & Recreation

Outside the many, many fields and parks scattered throughout Maple Grove (more than 50), there are a few standout additions in recent years. The sports dome is a fantastic place to get your steps in during winter. Featuring an indoor track, this space is great for athletes and parents wanting to walk their strollers. Looking for something a bit more robust? Fernbrook Playfields is truly a sight to behold, boasting synthetic turf fields, playground, and practice field. This is the perfect space for organized tournaments with plenty of room to get your reps in before the big game. Need a more relaxed environment for the family? Central Park is the pinnacle of community gathering spaces. Featuring a splash pad, green space, walking path around a manmade pond, and pickleball courts, the area is ideal for summer days. Want your winter fix? Go for a lap around the ice skating loop and warm up in the on-site Phenow Pavilion. [Fun fact: my wife Kayla and I got married at Phenow Pavilion!]


Minnesota is known nationally for its commitment to education, and Maple Grove is no exception. With three available public school districts, including #1 Ranked Wayzata School District, your children’s futures are in good hands. Within the boundaries of the community there are several private institutions as well, with each varying in location and methodology. We know firsthand the quality of the education system in Maple Grove — Erik and I are both graduates of Maple Grove Senior High. From successful school sports programs to above-average testing scores, your children will be well-prepared for the world ahead.

Nature Trails

Anyone from Minnesota can attest to the beauty of our local lakes, and Maple Grove boasts several. Each has trails winding around their beautiful blue waters, perfect for a stroll or bike ride. Several lead to local parks and public swimming areas, such as Weaver Lake Beach. If you’re looking for a little more nature, take a trip to Elm Creek Park Reserve. Featuring an incredible 4,900 acres, this is the premier space for birdwatching, disc golfing, trail running, cycling, and all-around enjoyment of green space. There are gazebo spaces for rent, a gorgeous Chalet (a popular wedding destination), and year-round activities. If snowshoeing, tubing, or cross-country skiing are more your speed, Elm Creek Park Reserve offers everything you need.

Maple Grove has every amenity imaginable, with nearly endless forms of entertainment at your disposal and an impressive food scene. For those lucky enough to call this home, there are many beautiful neighborhoods tucked away from the hustle and bustle. They say there is no place like home, and what better place to call home than Maple Grove? Schedule your personalized tour of the community today — we’re happy to put you up in one of the many beautiful hotels in town and show you around.

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